The Hundred-Foot Journey

Originally posted to Facebook on August 17, 2014 ·

Just came back from seeing The Hundred Foot Journey, a film exec produced by Spielberg and Oprah. An Indian family leaves Mumbai, and winds up in a village in France, where they open an Indian restaurant right across the road from a highbrow French restaurant, run by a forceful woman, played by Helen Mirren. The patriarch of the family is played by Om Puri, who is one of those actors you know you’ve seen before, somewhere.

This is a romantic film, with a leaning towards comedy, but the main star of the film is the food. This movie is the latest one to tackle the subject of food porn, in terms of preparation, presentation and consumption. Film critics see parallels to other such movies, but I’m willing to overlook that. It’s well written, and passionate in its own way. I recommend it.