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The purpose of these pages is to try and keep a handy account of the more commonly requested info for Z3s and other BMWs. If you have any ideas for additional content please let me know.

Fuel Injection + DME stuff:
Ways to retrieve faults and more from BMWs
Purchasing info for BMW Parts CD, mauals, tools and so on
BMW Fault Codes

Add ability to remap your engines fueling
Spark plug + wire info
Centrifugal vs. Positive Displacement superchargers
Understanding Mixture and Adaptation
Thoughts on S54

1.9l Downing Atlanta Supercharger:
Nick G's custom DASC software
*Potential* idler pulley upgrade
New lower supercharger bracket
Performance testing
Dyno tested w/ Fogged intake
Check valve boost upgrade

Airbox info and testing:
1.9l Fogged Airbox information
Y2K 2.3l airflow testing and modding
2.8l airbox info
2001 330Ci airflow testing
Jim C. intake on a 3.2l testing
2000 323 airbox design
E34 V-8 airbox design


My Garage:
Pics and stuff
Garage Invite
    Garage Profile
    Emmy Go Foggy
Adding One Touch windows to a '96 Z3

Optima Battery Install
Rear view mirror adapter
Skaggs Pedals w/Ron Stygar's Dead Pedal
Oil pressure and boost gauges
Chrome Nozzles and interior stuff
Repairing Top seam pull
Car's profile has details on many of the mods
Parts + Service Info
Random Pictures
Ron Stygar's Home Page... tons of great info
Z3 Message Board
Very lucky guy
For Sale

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