Logan Lucky (2017)

Capsule Review (Minimal spoilers)

Logan Lucky is the latest film from director Steven Soderbergh, who’s known for creating Magic Mike, and the Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13 movies.

The Logan brothers, Jimmy and Clyde (Channing Tatum and Adam Driver), are not doing so well. Jimmy gets laid off from his construction job, but decides to strike back by staging an epic robbery. ¬†However, Jimmy knows they’re going to need help.

This is a finely crafted film, and I recommend it. There a lot of twists and turns, and there is more humor than I expected. There is some “mild” violence and crude language, but the film is rated PG-13, so gauge accordingly.

Standard Review (with minor plot spoilers)

Jimmy didn’t reveal his leg was injured, so he’s fired from his construction job at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It’s his only income, and he’s none too happy about it. It’s a crucial time with his daughter, too, because Sadie (Farrah MacKenzie) has entered a beauty pageant competition, and he was supposed to take her to a preliminary event, but missed the day. Naturally, his ex-wife Bobbi Jo (Katie Holmes), reads him the riot act because he missed it, and because he can’t hold a job, as well.

This is when he’s had enough and decides to rob the Speedway. He gets his brother Clyde on board, but they need more people, including his sister, and needs advice from someone in jail.

It goes on from there, but this movie could have been a mess of scenes and people doing their part. Given Soderbergh’s experience with the Ocean’s films, it goes well. There’s humor to be found in the dialog, and it works. The crime’s never just a straightforward ordeal, but it plays out well.

There are enough surprises in the film to keep it from being predictable, including the outcome. There are some interesting actor choices in the film, so I won’t spoil them.

If you hadn’t guessed, I rather enjoyed this film, and I’d put it as a strong contender for my annual top 10 films of the year.

There’s an amusing note at the end of the credits that scrolls off quickly.